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In 2003  I created a small animation for the presentation of the offcial CD-Rom of the “Museu de les Aigües” (Water Museum) of Barcellona. 



I also composed the music that accompanies the animation


In 2000, I participated in the implementation of the “Historia Multimedia de los Generos del Cine”(“Cinema Multimedia History”) an encyclopedia of cinema on 4 CD-Roms produced by Spanish publishing house Alphabetum Sl.


The encyclopedia was sold in Spain along with the film magazine "Fotogramas". 


My role in this project has been to: 

  • Choose the most important films for the encyclopedia.2.

  • Search and choose images to accompany articles 

  • Making the video introducing the film genres 

  • Audio-Visual Coordinator


In 2000 I partecipated in the creation of the“Historia Universal de la Literatura” (“Universal History of Literature”),  a 4 CD-Roms multimedia encyclopedia produced by Alphabetum SL that has been sold in Spain along with the magazine “Que Leer”. 



My role in this project was:

  • Search and choose images to accompany each article

  • Making the videos introducing the vairous literary genres 

  • Audio-Visual coordinator


In 2001 I partecipated in the creation of "La Biblia Multimedia” (“Multimedia Holy Bible”), a series of CD-Roms of the Holy Bible produced by Alphabetum SL, which was sold in Spain along with the magazine “Más Allá”. 



My role in this project was:

  • Search and choose images to accompany each article

  • Making the video-presentation

  • Audio-Visual coordinator


“Megakids” is a project of the Spanish publishing house Alphabetum S.l. and is composed of a series of multimedia CD-Roms for children. 


Every CD-ROM is designed and structured the same way as a multimedia magazine full of articles, games, comics and news.


The “Megakids” CD-ROMs were distributed along with magazines on paper in Spain and in several Latin American countries. 


My role in the “Megakids” project was:


  • Create the concept of the games

  • Write the script of the comics

  • Draw illustrations that accompany the articles

  • Search for the images that accompany each article

  • Making the videos 

  • Audio-Visual coordinator


In 2004 I created a multimedia catalogue on CD-ROM for the Spanish company “Indo” (a company which produces lenses and optic devices).

With the aim of making less boring presentation of various types of equipment and lenses, I have created a character made of clay that has been animated with stop-motion technique, which introduces the user to every section of the catalogue.


In 1999 I made the official CD-ROM of  “Gardaland” (the largest amusement park in Italy).


The CD-ROM has been published during the celebrations of the 25th year activity of the theme park.


This is a multimedia product that contains historical information on the birth of the park, descriptions of various attractions and games inspired by  “Prezzemolo”, the official mascot of Gardaland. 

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