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In 1995 I created the concept and the characters of the animation TV series 

“Tommy & Oscar”. 

The series has been produced by Rainbow S.p.a. from Italy and has been translated

into more than 20 languages and it was first broadcast in 1999 in 40 countries.

Since their first appearence in the educative CD-ROMs “The Phantom of the

Theatre” (which was awarded in 1996 with the prestigious “Bologna Media

Prize”) and “Mission Music!” (1998), the characters of “Tommy & Oscar” 

have enjoyed considerable success throughout the world, especially in

Europe, Latin America and Asia. 

A feature-length film, "Tommy & Oscar-The Movie", was co-produced

with Rai Fiction for TV and home video.

Since its first apperance the 52 episodes of Tommy & Oscar TV series have been supported by a huge marketing campaign and numerous merchandising products (Cd-Rom, Home Video, DVDs, Toys, Books, Magazine, Textile, ecc.). In 2006 Rainbow S.p.a. also produced a feature film.

Suddenly, in 2000, Iginio Straffi (C.E.O. of Rainbow S.p.a.), selfdeclared unique authorship of the series contradicting what was stated by himself in the previous 5 years. In the same year I started a long legal battle for the recognition of my authorship of Tommy & Oscar.

Finally, in July of 2008,  I won the trial against Rainbow.


  • Rainbow S.p.a.

  • Cromosoma TV produccions

  • Rai Cinemafiction





Animation 56 x26 minutes




Iginio Straffi




Max Alessandrini and Iginio Straffi





Alien Oscar had not actually planned to carry out an emergency landing on the dog kennel of Professor Leonard. But he and the professor's nephew, Tommy, immediately strike up a marvelous friendship. Oscar has incredible qualities, especially his fondness for music, which makes one and all wonder: Oscar loves eating notes...




Tommy: Is a 9 years boy who lives with his funny uncle, Prof. Leonard. 


Oscar: Friendly and funny pink alien who eats only music notes. He can transform his body and he is always looking for his favourit food, music! 


Prof. Leonard: Excentric and extravagant scientist. His inventions often end with unpredictably funny effects. 



Yukari: Little and sweet Asian girl. In the right moments she goes into action using her extremely high skills in martial arts. Her ‘Katonga Dance’ is an effective weapon against every villain.



Peter: Wonderful musician who entertains with his music every children of his neighborhood.



Caesar: Evil, short and ugly businessman. He adores money and never hesitates to do anything to obtain it.  



Ork and Dork: Couple of dumb, big gorillas. They are Caesar’s bodyguards.

"Ploppy" is a project in progress for an animation TV series.


The main character is Ploppy, a robot with a heart of a clown or, better said, a clown who can feel emotions and transmit them towards his little friends despite of his mechanical heart.

Built by the late Maxi McPlop, Ploppy has inherited the inventor's family castle, where he lives and has turned it into a theme park for the enjoyment of all children in the world.

Ploppy can climb on walls thanks to hissuction cup,

can pull out diverse objects from his built-in

drawer and control the flow of water in any piping.


Despite of his powers the life of a robot-clown can be quite complicated, especially when a treacherous and brawny plumber called Mister Toobswants to trap Ploppy and convert him into a "traveling-plunger"!

Thank goodness, Ploppy can count on friends like the athletic mouse Zoom, the adventurous kangaroo Kenny, the inventor Rocket Twins, and above all, the small and talented Alice. Ploppy`s good friends are able to provide effective solutions to his problems, always with a huge dosis of humor.

For more information about the project “Ploppy” I encourage you to contact me directly.

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