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For over 10 years I`ve been working in the field of creation and development of projects such as interactive video games, CD-Roms, Web pages, catalogs, etc.


The aspects that most interest me is the concept creation and the development of theinteractive script. 


In this section I have included a selection of works that I have achieved in recent years.


In 2011 I made the graphics and animations of the videogame “Operation Wow”, produced by the spanish software house IVANOVICH GAMES.


“Operation Wow” is a videogame for AppleiPhone, iPad and Android available to download in the Apple APP STORE, ITUNES and GOOGLE PLAY.


A few months after its first appearance,OPERATION WOW  hit the top of the list as one of the most downloaded apllication in the world, with more than 

600 thousand downloads and an average ranking of 5 stars.


The game is inspired by a classic game from the ‘80s: 

“Operation Wolf”.

Main features of ‘Operation Wow’: 


  1. -Awsome speed of the game

  2. -“Cartoon” style graphics and animations

  3. -6 levels of play

  4. -3 levels of difficulty

  5. -Multitouch play

  6. -Two training modes

  7. -Game Center compatibility

  8. -Graphics and explosions optimized for Apple Retina display.


For several years Larios, the company that produce its famous ‘gin’, sponsored every summer a Watervolley Tournament. Watervolley is a sport like beach volleyball but played in pool of water.


During the days of the tournament Larios also organised many parties in major cities of Spain (Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, etc.)


Larios asked me to design and develop a  promotional videogame based on the Watervolley Tournament, that to be shown on giant screens during Larios Parties.


I created a videogame called “Larios Watervolley Simulator” that features vectorial graphics and Flash programming.





Watervolley Simulator


Concept, script and character design: 

Max Alessandrini



Jordi Cornelisse


Software development: 

Jordi Subirat

Download the game

(Windows version only)



In 1995 I created the concept and the characters of  Tommy & Oscar, which made its first appearance in the CD-ROM “Tommy & Oscar: The Phantom of the Theatre”, produced by Italian animation studio Rainbow Spa.

This CD-ROM has been very successful all over the world, particularly in Europe, Asia and Latin America, and has been translated into over 20 languages.


The main character, Oscar, is an extraterrestrial who feeds upon music notes and the whole CD-ROM is designed as a fun way to teach the basics of music theory to children.

“Tommy & Oscar: The Phantom of the Theatre” contains more than one hour ofanimation and features a new graphic engine developed specifically for this product.


The CD-ROM also contains 9 musical videogames created by me, including  

‘Music Keyboard’.  

It includes a small keyboard to be applied to the computer keyboard and turns the PC into a real musical instrument with rhythmic, loops and drums


In 1997, “Tommy & Oscar: The Phantom of the Theatre”

won the prestigious international award “Bologna New

Media Prize”, and judged by the American magazine

“Children Software Revue” as thebest interactive

product for children music education.


In 1998, given the enormous worldwide success of 

“Tommy & Oscar: The Phantom of the Theatre”, 

Rainbow S.p.a. in collaboration with RAI - Radio

Televisione Italiana decided to produce a TV series of 26 episodes with the same charactes of the CD-ROM.


The TV series of Tommy & Oscar has been broadcasted by more than 40 international TV stations, obtening a huge success expecially in Europa, Asia and Latin America.


The popularity of the characters of Tommy & Oscar is also due to a strong marketing andmerchandising operation: dolls, toys, books, clothing, etc.


In the recent years a second TV series of 26 episodes were produced by Rainbow and Home Video, DVDs, Videogames, magazines, and a feature film titled Tommy & Oscar: The Movie” were added to the chart

In the year 2008 I won a long legal battle against RAINBOW SPA for the recognition of my authorship of the concept and the characters of Tommy & Oscar.


Click HERE if you want to know more information.



In 1998, Rainbow animation studio, parallel processing of the first TV series for Tommy & Oscar, decided to make a second CD-ROM. 


For this second multimedia project I created the concept and the interactive script of“Tommy & Oscar: Mission Music!”. 



This new CD-ROM was featured a new powerful graphic engine and new music games created by me.



“Tommy & Oscar: Mission Music!” contains also more than one hour of cartoon animation, which script -created by me- was later used for the the production of an episode of the TV series Tommy & Oscar (episode "Mission Music" !).



The CD-ROM of "Tommy & Oscar: Mission Music" has been translated into over 20 languages and has enjoyed great success in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

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